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Domestic Abuse Recovery

Reclaiming You

Domestic Abuse can be something that has devastating and long lasting affects. From being exposed to abuse in childhood to experiencing abuse directly in a relationship, the trauma can shape how you think ,feel and react. Being able to trust yourself and even others may feel an impossible task. 

Leaving an abusive relationship is an incredibly courageous thing to do. But it can be a frightening and scary time. The lack of support and judgement from others may  also be difficult, and life after abuse can be a lonely place.

If you have recently left an abusive relationship or have historic experience of abuse and are struggling to come to terms with how this has affected you I am able to offer sessions tailored to meet your needs.
In a safe and understanding space you can work on understanding how the abuse has affected you, while working towards freeing yourself of the negative impacts of relational trauma,so that abuse no longer needs to define you . The sessions may involve:

  • Understanding what you did to cope previously.

  • Developing a way to cope with now.

  • Understanding trauma bonds.

  • Developing on your own inner voice that may of been drowned out by your abuser.

  • Challenging negative and repetitive thought patterns.

  • Rationalising fear and grounding yourself in the now.

  • Understanding the dynamics of abuse and assigning responsibility.

  • Acknowledging your resilience.

  • Building on self esteem.

  • Understanding & settling your bodies response to trauma.

  • Setting boundaries

  • Developing self esteem.

The overall aim of the sessions are for you to take back control of your life and a live in a more fulfilling way. 

I have extensive experience of working with people affected by domestic abuse and have supported many people to recover. I gained this experience whilst working with WAVES and delivering Recovery Tool Kits with The SUSie Project. If you would like to know more please get in touch for an informal chat before booking anything in.

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