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Therapeutic Counselling

A space for you

Sometimes life can be noisy, full and chaotic. It can be easy to swept up in the everyday and before we know it we are disconnected from ourselves, others and our sense of purpose. We can find ourselves stuck in a rut, repeating old patterns while expecting different results. Counselling can offer a space that brings awareness to these sorts of things , allowing you to focus on yourself and what you may need to feel fulfilled in life.   Through developing a trusting therapeutic relationship, in which you are heard and valued, you can explore your experiences at your own pace. From time to time we can all need a safe space to share, re-connect and get a picture of what is going on for us.

Whatever it may be that is drawing you to counselling at the moment you can expect to be met with warmth, understanding and collaborative approach from me that encourages you to take what you need from your sessions. 

Sessions are charged at £50 per hour and can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on your needs.
You can call me using the button below , or send me an email to book.

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